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Irrigation Repair Company is a family owned business from Pembroke, MA.  John and his wife Karen started Irrigation Repair Company together in 1998. We are a full service turf irrigation company that strives to provide the best irrigation system installation possible using the industries best irrigation products. We believe in our employees and treat them with honesty and respect. Their wages are above industry standards so that they have a quality of life they and their families deserve. All employees routinely engage in house and factory training programs that keep everyone up to date with the newest advancements in the industry.

Our daughter Justina runs the office along with the staff to best serve our customers with appointments and billing. They do their level best to call our customers with all concerns and to make the appointment process as accurate as possible. Our son Joe is in charge of the repair division. Along with his crew of trained techs they are able to identify and troubleshoot sprinkler system problems and resolve issues in a timely manner. Jim is our construction leader. He has been a long time employee. Jim has been to the manufactures training facilities for the best the industry has to offer in schooling. Jim has installed systems from small residential to 100 zone municipal systems and everything in between. He and his crew are very attentive to the customers’ needs and concerns during the installation process.

Joe has been very involved with the water well iron stain removal part of our business.  This a service that removes the unsightly brown iron staining caused by well water. The product we use is biodegradable and will not harm plants or lawns. It is able to harmlessly remove staining from most surfaces. ie; Rock walls, walkways, buildings and vinyl fences.

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